Fight a brave math battle against 5 opponents !! FREE online math game for all ages.

Overview of "the Arithmetic Masters"

"Arithmetic Masters (AM)" is an online learning game that allows you to improve the speed and accuracy of your mental math, which is the basis of arithmetic and mathematics, while enjoying yourself.

AM is available free of charge.

In order to enable all children who are not good at arithmetic and mathematics to practice mental calculation in a joyful way, AM has adopted a variety of ideas (such as strongly characterized opponents, thrilling battles, and special skills that are employed when you answer correctly a number of times in a row).

Speed and accuracy of mental math are assets for children and adults who are good at arithmetic and mathematics too.

Mental math will be useful in daily life and business, and training in mental calculation will activate the brain.

We sincerely hope that as many people as possible will acquire speedy and accurate mental calculation skills by training with AM.